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Introducing A Micro-Living Solution Called Doméstico

Azure – printed edition

Designers María José Váscones and Juan Alberto Andrade recently installed the small-living solution for the (ultra-organized) big-city dweller in a tiny Quito apartment.


Àvivre – printed edition

À Quito, en Équateur, Juan Alberto Andrade et María José Váscones conçoivent une structure hybride, à la frontière du meuble et de l’architecture, qui intègre un programme domestique ambitieux de façon ultra-optimale. Jamais vingt-sept mètres carrés et demi n’auront concentré autant de fonctions ni permis autant d’activités !

Postcards from Quito

Wallpaper MAG – printed edition

Developer Uribe Schwarzkopf teamed up with architects Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones to create a 28 sq m studio dubbed Doméstico; its space-saving foldaway beds and workstations have proved popular on Airbnb.

Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize

MCHAP 2022 – New architecture in America

“On behalf of the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology, Dean Reed Kroloff, and the MCHAP Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate you on the nomination of your project, Caja de Luz, for consideration in MCHAP Cycle 4.”

JAG Studio Conceives a Chic Cabin-on-Wheels

Interior Design Magazine – printed edition

This roving environment is the brainchild—and mobile home/office—of Juan Alberto Andrade and Cuqui Rodríguez, the husband-wife cofounders of architectural photography and audiovisual communications outfit JAG Studio.

an adaptive Quito studio may hold the Key to multifunctional micro-living

Frame Magazine

“Domestico was born from the objective to attain adaptable living without needing to sacrifice comfort. Developed by Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones, the prototype module is positioned within a small studio in Qorner, a Quito residential building by Moshe Safdie and Uribe Schwarzkopf.”

Maisons roulantes

AMC – printed edition

Au rayon des micromaisons, les dimensions varient. Casa Nueva, de l’Equatorien Juan Alberto Andrade, tient en 6 m2, pour un poids plume de 2 000 kg.

top 10 Office Projects of 2020

interior Design Magazine

“this may not have been the year of in-person office unveilings—but the environments of yesteryear are quickly adapting to herald in the workplaces of the future. Here are the top 10 offices waiting patiently for its occupants to return.”

this home in ecuador by juan alberto andrade is a lighthouse that illuminates its surroundings


ecuador-based architect and photographer juan alberto andrade has designed ‘the lighthouse’ or ‘la caja de luz’ in bahía de caráquez for a local lady who’s had lost her home to an earthquake in 2016.

pine-and-glass shelving encloses office in Ecuador


“architects Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones have built a wooden office in Guayaquil, Ecuador with a wall of angular windows that pop open, as shown in these photos with people wearing coronavirus face masks.”

Explore the local architecture of Ecuador


El lenguaje arquitectónico del ecuador ha visto muchas influencias a lo largo de su historia.

Projetar em terrenos estreitos: 12 soluções na América Latina

Archdaily Brasil

En ciudades densas, donde los lotes generalmente se definen por los frontones adyacentes, la proximidad de otros edificios presenta un gran desafío cuando se trata de diseñar espacios de calidad que incorporen características como la luz natural o la ventilación cruzada.

Juan Alberto Andrade

Redacción de Casas de la Revista Cosas

Arquitecto y fotógrafo de arquitectura. Divide su tiempo entre estas dos actividades y co-dirige la oficina de comunicación de arquitectura JAG Studio.

Ensayo fotográfico

Plataforma Arquitectura

Juan Alberto Andrade, arquitecto y fotógrafo de arquitectura establecido en Ecuador, comparte hoy con nosotros un ensayo fotográfico realizado en Barcelona España, sobre el proyecto de los arquitectos suizos Jaques Hacques Herzo y Pierre De Meuron

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